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Custom Framing

At gb Art Community we will work with you to find the perfect framing design for your artwork. We have hundreds of conservation quality mats in various colours, textures and fabrics. Collections of hundreds of moulding styles will help you create a look that will compliment your artwork as well as match your personal style and decor. Whether you are looking for contemporary floater frames, modern metallic profiles or traditional hand hewn wooden frames with vintage patinas we have something to suit all tastes and styles.

We offer conservation framing and work with archival quality materials including conservation and museum glass which provides 99% UV protection to help ensure your artworks last a lifetime.  

Our Framing Partner ; Midland Framing ; Fine Arts. Fine Custom Framing. Antiques frames. Contemporary Conservation Framing. Over 35 years of experience.

Call us to book a custom framing consultation.