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Talip Keser

I was born in UŞAK from TURKEY.(26.01.1990)

I graduated from the painting department of fine arts in Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University.

I have been doing painting since I was a kid.

I worked at the 2007-2010 Emin Özdemir atelier, 

2010-2012 Orhun Kara atelier. Since 2014,

I work in my own workshop in Uşak.

Sigmund Freud, who is founder of psychoanalysis, makes the definition of the parapraxis in his book ‘Psychopathology of Everyday Life’ by saying ‘‘I almost always discovered a disturbing effect that exists outside of the intended speech’’. The mistakes that are called Freudian Slip and exist by the suppression of the subconscious in speech, memory, and physical action forms the basis of parapraxis. 

According to Freud; social taboos, unacceptable ideas, or beliefs are deprived from conscious awareness, and the slip of the tongue helps revealing the things hidden in subconscious. Freudian Slip reveals the puzzle of consciousness of the individual with the verbal barriers that are safely hidden in the subconscious, prohibited urges- like sexuality and swearing- and language errors. 

I have been curiously continuing my art with the mystery of the subconscious, which is still the subject of research by scientists that the subconscious has unintentionally exposed to the surface. 


•2011 mixed section exhibition Mugla

•2012 mixed section exhibition Mugla

•2012 black and white Mugla painting exhibition

•2013 mixed section exhibition Bodrum

•2013 İroni mixed painting exhibition Mugla

•2014 mixed exhibition Mugla

•2017 NEFES mixed painting exhibition NişArt Gallery

•2017 İMA mixed painting exhibition NişArt Gallery

•2017 BALANCE mixed painting exhibition NişArt Gallery

•2018 VERNISSAGE mixed painting exhibition NişArt Gallery 

•2018 ART FLOW mixed painting exhibition Lavisione Art Gallery

•2018 “VERTIGO” Solo exhibition

•2021 ArtContact Art Fair  İstanbul 

•2021 İAAF Art Fair İstanbul

•2021 “Kavşak” mixed exhibition in Kelimat Art Galleries İstanbul 

•2021 “start22” mixed exhibiton in Kelimat Art Galleries İstanbul 

•2022 Beijing Art Bienalle CHİNA 
•2022 Artshopping Fair Carrousel du Louvre Paris/France
•2022 Kelimeler Renkler (İskender Pala 13 roman 13 resim) Nevmekan Sanat galerisi İstanbul
•2022 Spectrum art Fair Miami/USA

•2023 UnFair art Fair Milano/İTALY