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Jülide Zeynep Günce

Born in Istanbul, Jülide Zeynep Günce settled in Istanbul, where she still lives, after completing her education in different cultures in many different cities due to her family’s job. she 
worked as an interior designer for many years, focused on the desire to be intertwined with art, studied the feelings of “Belonging” and “Creation” intensively and made researches. In the continuation of these studies, she discovered that the main thing is not belonging, but where and what one be fed is important. She began to experiment with dough and different production techniques, where creation is equated with fertility and “sustainability”, where “nature” is the only and absolute creator. In her first workshop in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, she  combined her passion with paint and clay from an early age and began to produce completely different works. She continues to work in different disciplines such as pulp, ceramics and painting in her workshop and continues to transfer these to new generations with her works.