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Gülcihan Ürergil

I was born in 1984 in Istanbul. I completed my primary and secondary education here and afte studying Public Relations at Anadolu University, I started working in 2004.

I worked in various positions in the organization and advertising sector until 2018, and then finally, I decided to continue my current career on a project basis, in order to move on with painting, which I have dreamed of since childhood and which I wasn’t able to keep neither my attention nor my hand away from.

Progressing without strict adherence to a certain technique and style satisfies and sets my sou free. I prefer more vivid colors and dynamic composition reflections in my works.

Although transferring the colors on the canvas carry many stories and senses from me. I just give a name instead of a description, because I want those who look at it, to see it as it is, and to find their own feelings and stories in it. I hope to touch those who can dream, with the endless, free and innovative attitude of art.