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Domenico Belli

My birthplace is Patrica, Italy a small village in the hill country approximately forty miles south of Rome. The town is ancient , and my family can trace its lineage back for many generations. My father, his father and their fathers before them were all artisans and metal workers. I come by my interest and talents naturally and I showed an early attitude for the family business. In my late teens my parents decided to immigrate to America and I was able to find employment as a metal worker and welder and all the while I have also developed my skills as an artist and designer.

My sculptures combine the past and the present. I have an affinity toward the materials I work with, a deep sense of emotion, feelings and dreams for what the material used for at one time and will become in my hand. These direct me on my path.

My process emerge my patterns. I take one piece of metal, add to it, delete from it. I am constantly discovering the metal’s unique appeal. When the sculpture enconpasses all of my creative energy, I am done.

My tecnique is brute force, decide at moment. The interesting shapes of metal, the patterns, textures and grains; all entice me. I am fashinated with form. My aspiration is to create sculptures that is completely unique, that no one has done before. I resist conformity and mass production.

My art is individual as I am.

I accept commissions. If you have any idea of something you want, let me know. Send me an email or visit my website or join me on FB : Domenico Belli metalarts.