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Ali İrgin

He was born in 1987 in Elazığ Arıcak.
In 2012, he graduated from Fırat University, Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts Education, Painting and Business Teaching. He opened 6 solo exhibitions. He participated in many competitive and group exhibitions, national and international art workshops. Culture and Art Site, Ankara Life Magazine, Anatolia Magazine and South Wind Magazine.Domestic-Overseas official and private there are work in collections. He continues his artistic works in his own workshop.

Solo Exhibitions
2015 “Solo Painting Exhibition” Primemall AVM Art Gallery, Antakya-Hatay
2018 2nd Solo Painting Exhibition “Ağ-Ağlar” Antakya Culture Center Art Gallery, Hatay
2019 3rd Solo Painting Exhibition “Ağ Senfonisi” Boho Gallery, Ankara
2019 4th Solo Exhibition “Ali İrgin” ArtAntakya Contemporary Art, Anemon Hotel Antakya, Hatay 2021 5th Solo Exhibition “Network Metaphor” Kelimat Art Gallery, Istanbul 2023 6th Solo Exhibition “Network Ceremony” Mira Koldaş Art Gallery, Ankara

Juried and Group Exhibitions:
2011 Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University Fine Arts Faculty 8th Painting Competition “Sergileme”, Kahramanmaraş
2015 Yunus Ensari II. Painting Competition “Sergileme” Ankara
2016 “Small Works Plastic Arts Exhibition” Primemall AVM Art Gallery, Antakya
2016 Saküder 10th Foundation Year Painting Competition “Exhibition” Ankara
2016 Turkish Pharmacists Association 60th Anniversary Painting Competition “Exhibition” Istanbul
2017 Bedriye Fidan Woman and Color Painting Competition “Exhibition” Zonguldak
2017. 17th Şefik Bursalı Painting Competition “Exhibition” Ankara
2017 45X45 Works Exhibition Anadolu University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Exhibition Hall, Eskişehir
2017 “Things That Have Been Overlooked” Group Painting Exhibition Şehit Gülşah Güler Social Facility Kırıkhan / Hatay
2017 New Generation Painters “Energy” Group Exhibition Gallery Çankaya, Ankara
2017 Adana Painters Association 3rd Painting Competition “Exhibition” Adana
2017 New Generation Painters Small Works “Barcode” Exhibition ASO Art Gallery, Ankara
2018 “Young Talents Group Painting Exhibition” ASO Art Gallery, Ankara
2018 “Artankara 4th Contemporary Art Fair” New Generation Painters, Collective Art Novo Academy, Ankara
2019 ” South Wind” Group Painting Exhibition, Samandağ Culture Center Art Gallery, Samandağ / Hatay
2019 “South Station” Group Painting Exhibition, MTSO Art Gallery, Mersin
2019 “SPOILER” Group Painting Exhibition, Don Quixote Art Cafe Istanbul
2019 Boho Traditional “96th Year Nostalgia ”Boho Gallery, Ankara
2019 “96th Anniversary Special Republic Exhibition”, Dokumapark Arts Gallery, Kepez, Antalya
2019 “81st Anniversary Art Painting Exhibition” (Boho Art Gallery event), Kastamonu Provincial Cultural Center Art Gallery, Kastamonu
2019-2020 “12cm Exhibition” Moroles Olvar Plaza 3, San Sebastian Pasaya, Espana / Spain
2020 Hatay Painters Group Painting Exhibition, Primemall Art Gallery, Antakya / Hatay
2020 “National Antique Art Meeting” Primemall Art Gallery, Antakya / Hatay
2020 “12cm Exhibition’’, Mendizolan Hendaya, France / France
2020 “Meeting” Group Painting Exhibition, Pimemall Art Gallery Antakya, Hatay
2020 “Small Works” Primemall Art Gallery Antakya, Hatay
2020 “12cm Exhibition” La Capilla Plaza Arguedas, Espana / Spain 2021 Rotary Young Artists Selection 2020, “Online Exhibition” İzmir 2021 Paper Works Group Exhibition, Kelimat Art Gallery, Istanbul 2021 Junction Group Painting Exhibition, Kelimat Art Gallery, Istanbul 2021 IAAF International Istanbul Art and Antique Fair, Kelimat Art Gallery, Istanbul 2021 “Start22 Mixed Painting Exhibition”, Kelimat Art Gallery, Istanbul 2021 Homecoming Welcome 12cm Group Painting Exhibition, Gallery Diani, Istanbul
2022 New Space Group Painting Exhibition, Kelimat Art Gallery, Istanbul 2022 “99. Republic Exhibition of 99 Artifacts Special for the Year” Dokumapark Modern Art Gallery Kepez, Antalya

2019 “Workshop” Türkoğlu Municipality, Kahramanmaraş
2019 “Workshop” Hatay Metropolitan Municipality, Antakya / Hatay 2022 “Workshop” Köroğlu Art Workshop, Bolu 2022 “Workshop” International Antalya Painting Workshop, Antalya