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Ferruh Karakasli

Ferruh Karakaşlı is a Turkish Austrian contemporary artist and a renowned fashion designer. His inclination towards art begins in his childhood by painting his dreams. Having lived in cities such as Munich, Geneva, London, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Vienna and New York played an important role in helping the artist gain a global vision. In his twenties, he had the opportunity to work in the studio of two Austrian artists, such as the sculptor and painter Alfred Hrdlicka and one of the most important names of contemporary art, Hundertwasser, in Vienna, during a period of time coinciding with the University period.

He attended the Salzburg International Fine Arts Summer Academy, founded by Oscar Kokoschka, one of the leading art institutions in Austria, in Salzburg. No matter how much he is an artist who stands out with his identity as a fashion designer, his identity as a painter is secretly rooted like a treasure he hides behind locked doors. He put his works on the art market for the first time in Vienna. He brought his works together with art lovers in Milan, Berlin, New York and London.

He describes his view of art in a simple way with the Japanese word “otaku”, which means more than passion but far from obsession. Ferruh Karakaşlı , who calls his productions “the art of things”, does not separate fashion and art, but presents a collective work by feeding different disciplines with each other. Ferruh Karakaşlı , who sees everything he looks at from the perspective of an artist, continues his life with a perspective that can transform everything he touches into a work of art. 

Continuing his creations with an impulse beyond passion, the artist also stepped into the world of NFT, which is the necessity of the age. Although his paintings have a style within the framework of schooling, it can be said that he is in a simultaneous transformation and movement with the changing nature of fashion.

The artist, who is always in search, opens the doors of a universe they have never seen before, with creations that are far from fabricated art. The fact that all beings are in harmony and energetic existence in a colorful world inspired Ferruh Karakaşlı in every aspect of his life. He saw this reflected in the tales he told his daughter, in fashion, in works of art, in his designs, and in his music. This vision of the world plays a significant role in its energetic and productive existence, which is the main source of all these productions. The vitality and mystery of the unknown in the paintings, in which we see the reflection of the original world, draw the viewer into a bottomless well of imagination. The artist, who fulfills the mission of making life artistic with an experimental synthesis that preserves its own mystery and includes excitement, completely destroys the formal perception stuck in certain patterns and creates a new formal language.

It is also possible to see many reflections of the artist’s fashion designer personality in his works. For example, the color palette he uses, the stylishly dressed looks we often encounter in the editing of the figures… These stylishly dressed figures with a bow tie or tie attached to their neck attend the parties of the artist’s dog Jude, one of the main figures in the paintings. Working intensely figuratively, Ferruh Karakaşlı blends his figurative representations with vibrant colors. In the creation of the figures, there is a linear movement directed by the dreams of his childhood. Ferruh Karakaşlı , who specializes in color theory at the academy, produces both polychrome and monochrome works and his dominance on the color palette is undeniable.

Combining figurative and abstract art with an expressionist movement, Ferruh Karakaşlı produces his works in 5 categories. All of the works capture peace in a chaotic existence in their own independent worlds. The masterful blending and composition of colors sheds light on the existence of the design infrastructure to the viewer. The paintings, which exist with their rhythms one by one, complement each other like an orchestra